Come! Linebarrel!

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I know that the anime is currently airing, and I don’t intend on following the naming conventions set by the subtitles when they somehow manage to write a script that’s more Japanese than the source material (For example, Famas is subtitled as Fāmasu despite there being a road sign that says Famas. Or translating the series title verbatim [ACCA 13区 Territory 監察 Inspection 課 Department] which would be fine if the words lined up to form something that wasn’t ambiguous. Is it an inspection department that has an office in 13 territories? Is it a single department that inspects 13 territories?) The funny thing is that the series already uses Japanese words written phonetically in English (Pan is used for bread, seifuku for uniforms, etc.) so that any attempt at translating the series would presumably become less Japanese than the source material, given the setting.

There are a number of reasons why the translator for the simulcasted subtitles could have missed out on this, such as not having the video source to reference from, or not receiving clear (or any) context to the script they were translating. The translation is well done otherwise.

They also didn’t (Couldn’t? Didn’t bother to?) make clear the relationship between Jean and Lotta in the opening sequence of the series, as one commenter mentioned in the chapter 1 post. (They’re siblings, Lotta explicitly calls Jean “big brother” in both the comic and the show, which is rarely used in conversational English when directly speaking to the person.) Though it is usually not worth anyone’s time to try and rework the script to relay this, as most translators are paid by the word and significant rewording usually leads to the client going “why doesn’t this part match the Japanese,” so it usually doesn’t happen unless the client requests it specifically, as it’s more trouble than it’s worth 9 times out of 10.

I did, however, try to follow established naming practices when I started, which does lead to clunky language sometimes. I would’ve rather used Inspection Department over Inspection Agency, as the latter sounds like the group belongs to another organization, but I thought it would be better to try and work with what had already been established for the sake of being consistent with other sources but that’s kind of gone to hell now.

That stretched out to be fairly long. I’ll shut up now.

Chapter 3. Some people have contacted me saying that they want to help typeset, so the pace on this might pick up. Might.


Actually within this week!

As someone in the comments section pointed out in the vol.24 post, a section of the translation was missing! I couldn’t find any copies of the file that contained them so I just redid the whole thing. I probably wrote over it or something.


As far as I know, someone is working on typesetting this, so if there’s anyone else who is interested, contact me and I’ll get them in touch with you. Further translations of ACCA are also pending, blame Granblue and DotA. Why spend money on video games when you can roll gatcha and buy hats?  ( ゚◡゚) (I don’t do either.)

Thirty-four pages, three days.


At a pace of ten pages per day (typesetting’s a bitch) I can push out one of these a week. Enjoy!0003000400050006img_001img_002img_003img_004img_005img_006img_007img_008img_009img_010img_011img_012img_013img_014img_015img_016_017img_018img_019img_020img_021img_022img_023img_024img_025img_026img_027img_028img_029img_030img_031img_032img_033img_034img_035img_036img_037img_038img_039img_040img_041img_042img_043img_044img_045img_046img_047img_048img_049img_050img_051img_052img_053img_054img_055img_056img_057img_058img_059img_060img_061


Here is the script for volume 25, it’s finally over!


Linebarrels of Iron, vol.24!


This is just the script, note than all things in brackets are comments (or me venting). Note that sound effects, unless important, are not translated because sound effects are usually not translated… (For example BAM/ばん is usually not written for a door closing, or smile/smirk/にやり when a character is smiling. Call it redundant.)

As to how this script should be interpreted, each line break represents the next bubble, skipping bubbles with no lines (ellipses-only and the like). The script is also not edited, so be careful of spelling errors or brain farts in word choice.

SMG will not personally typeset this script; the typesetter has a life and I will not spend the time to do it. This is free for anyone to do themselves, though you should probably leave a comment here and try to gather a group of people to help you (450 pages between Vol.24 and 25 are a lot.) If possible, try to give SMG credit, but I don’t really care.

Final note, most of this script was written with the premise that the old typesetter would work on it, so it might contain memes and jokes that some of you find uncomfortable. I’m too lazy to go back and change them but if you see things like “KISAMA-TACHI (You bastards)” or “HAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEE” I ask you to use your best judgement in that I’m not asking you to typeset “kisama-tachi” or “Hayase with 15 A’s and 10 E’s” into the page. The script for 25 will be void of these things.

I’m going to go work on 25 now. Have fun.