Come! Linebarrel!

Welcome to the SMG Scanlation release blog!  It will contain all of our releases (searchable and will also be identified with the “release” tag) as well as many other assets related to the work of scanlating.  Our current release schedule is once a week whenever, so check back every once in a while to get a peek at what we’re doing!


For those of us who have forgotten, I wear an eyepatch and a wooden leg. Yes I’m too lazy to match the font. New chapter soon!

Full sized image.


As always, thank you S.L. for the typesetting! One more until the end of vol. 2.



Thanks S.L.! Something something Danger Zone.


Thanks for typesetting S.L.!img_064img_065img_066img_067img_068img_069img_070img_071img_072img_073img_074img_075img_076img_077img_078img_079img_080img_081img_082img_083img_084img_085img_086img_087img_088img_089img_090img_091img_092

Thanks again S.L.!


Thank you for typesetting again S.L.!

It was pointed out how confusing my scripts are (because I just have them translated line by line in “sequential order,” which can cause confusing depending on how you interpret the sequence of boxes). I remember doing translations at some company and they had every single piece of text labeled; if page 1 had 5 bubbles, they would be labeled 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and so on. I felt that was a little too excessive but I guess it makes sense if the people processing it only had knowledge in one of the two languages being worked on. I’ve since improved my script writing method. Hopefully it’s clearer.


We have S.L. on typesetting again, thank you so much! Chapter 5 marks the end of volume 1, only 5 more to go! The map at the end of this post seems to have the same naming convention as what is used in the anime, which is inconsistent with itself. I honestly have no clue what I should do at this point lol.

On a similar note, the Japanese name for Mauve changes from モーブ to モーヴ within volume 1 as well. It doesn’t really matter as both romanize to Mauve, as the B sound in ブ is very similar to the V sound in ヴ (In Japanese, at least.) The setting really has some really strong European vibes to it, in terms of its aesthetics and the naming of the characters, so I feel like the overly-Japanese translations of location names clash with the overall story. But hey, who am I to decide what the best translation is?

Anyways, enjoy!